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Unleashing AI-powered
imaging for everything
and everyone

The Orbem Genus enables fast, accurate, and contactless object classification and analytics.

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Determine the development potential of each egg prior to incubation by analyzing features such as its fertility, quality, position and volume.


Identify the sex in ovo in early development stages with our contactless and harmless AI-powered imaging technology.

Transfer day sexing and analytics

Obtain key insights during egg transfer by classifying each egg as infertile, unviable, male or female.

Our impact


We’re feeding the world by introducing billions of eggs into the food market and increasing the global availability of embryonated eggs for vaccine production.


We're preventing the unnecessary killing of billions of 1-day-old male chicks, reducing food waste and energy consumption along the way.


We're building the hatchery of the future, creating new revenue streams and increasing production efficiency.

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